Nutrient Dense Foods

After childbirth, it is critical to replace lost nutrients and restore balance in your body by consuming only nutrient dense foods. You should avoid dieting and reducing your food consumption because your body is weak and it needs to be replenished with nutrient dense foods that can aid in your recovery and also build and enrich your breast milk.

How effectively and efficiently you digest your food has a great impact on the quality of your breast milk, along with your overall health and well-being. 


Most postpartum recipes found in the west recommend consuming light salads and smoothies which are low in calorie content. If you conduct a simple search online for postpartum recipes, you will find many postpartum diet recipes that are solely meant to make you drop pounds fast. It is counter intuitive because it will cause your body to become more depleted, lower your metabolism and prevent healthy weight loss, and significantly reduce your breast milk supply. The recipes are intended for individuals who did not undergo intense labor because the food recommendations are too light, cold in temperature, and will inadequately replenish your nutrient stores. The food will cause your body to become weak and cause more wind in your body, leading to common ailments postpartum. You may get gas, bloating, indigestion, and loose stools. You need to consume nutrient dense foods that are filling, rich in vitamins in minerals, rich in protein, warm, and calorie dense. Making good food decisions have a direct correlation with the quality of your breast milk and help you avoid dealing with common complaints including colic in babies. 

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