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Ask for help. A lot of first time moms have the “I want to do it all” mentality where it is their first experience and they truly want to treasure every moment with their newborn and don’t want others to interfere with their experience. This inevitably sets you up for problems in the near future because realistically your body just cannot handle it all. You have your lifetime to spend with your baby and this is probably one of the most critical times in your life when you really need to rest and recuperate.

You could certainly take care of your baby full time if you didn’t go through the birthing process and you weren’t healing simultaneously. But since you did give birth you certainly need to heal and recuperate and remember that this will benefit not only your health and body, but the well-being of your baby, your husband, your family, and everyone else around you. Remember to always delegate.

1.   Have your helper do the grocery shopping for you. Give them a detailed list that includes all the healthy, nourishing food, herbs, and recipes outlined in the nutrition section.

2.   Have your helper do the dishes.

3.   Have your helper do the laundry.

4.   Have your helper do the vacuuming.

You should mainly be focused on regaining your health and feeding your baby. All of the other household chores or things on your to-do list can be placed on the back burner for 30 days.  

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