Postpartum Therapies




Acupuncture can help expedite the postpartum recovery process by addressing common postpartum issues, including fatigue, hemorrhoids, excessive blood loss, postpartum depression, mastitis, and insufficient lactation. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy channels run throughout your body to nourish your tissues. If there is an obstruction within the energy channels, it can obstruct proper Qi flow.

Acupuncture works to free the stagnation and reestablish a healthy Qi flow throughout your body. By inserting fine needles on specific points of your body, it can stimulate your body’s natural healing process and promote your overall health and well-being.






Acupressure is also rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is based on the theory that when there is pain, the particular energy pathway is blocked. Acupressure helps reduce the incidence of postpartum depression, helps stimulate lactation, and also helps reduce excessive postpartum bleeding. Acupressure works to free blockages within your meridians and helps to circulate Qi throughout your body. Instead of a fine needle, pressure is applied along your meridians using fingers, palms, or elbows to release the stagnation and create harmony in your body.





Practicing yoga can be very beneficial for your body and your mind after childbirth. After completing the 30 days of confinement, you can practice yoga on a regular basis as it is beneficial for your health and also a wonderful way to get back in shape. Postpartum yoga is considered advantageous for tightening your pelvic floor and also helps to relieve back pressure and shoulder tension. It is also a great way to bond with your baby because there are several postpartum yoga classes that encourage you to bring your baby. The classes incorporate numerous poses that you and your baby can do together.



A massage can be very therapeutic during your postpartum recovery period. Massages encourage tissue recuperation, promote Qi and blood circulation, and bring balance to your overall body. A good massage can promote relaxation and also induce sleep. Massages can assist with the discomforts of caring for your newborn, and can also be beneficial for your emotional state. For women who are recovering from a C-section, the masseuse can target certain areas to alleviate pain. You can also find a practitioner that specializes in Maya Abdominal Massage, which is a non-invasive massage technique focused on the abdomen and pelvis that improves your organ function and re-establishes healthy blood and Qi circulation.  

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