Postpartum Health

What is Postpartum?


The postpartum period consists of the moment right after birth and the subsequent six weeks following childbirth.

This is the duration of time it takes for your uterus to revert back to its pre-pregnancy size. Postpartum is just as significant as any other chapter of the pregnancy and birthing process, yet current books and research solely focus on the baby, while you, the mom, drifts in the background like an insignificant participant. During pregnancy, labor, and birth of your baby, your overall health is depleted. Since you were constantly giving your nutrient stores to your baby, it is absolutely essential that you are replenished and cared for after birth. If you don’t take care of yourself after the birth of your baby, it may have a lasting negative impact in your overall health and well-being. 

Postpartum in Traditional Chinese Medicine


The first 30 days of postpartum is known as the confinement month and is absolutely essential according to ancient Asian traditions dating back 2,000 years in the Han Dynasty. Mothers post childbirth are cared for like queens to ensure proper recovery. They are encouraged to rest and eat warm nourishing food in order to accelerate womb healing, replenish blood lost during childbirth, strengthen their overall bodies, and prevent postpartum health problems.

Postpartum Therapies




Acupuncture can help expedite the postpartum recovery process by addressing common postpartum issues, including fatigue, hemorrhoids, excessive blood loss, postpartum depression, mastitis, and insufficient lactation. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy channels run throughout your body to nourish your tissues. If there is an obstruction within the energy channels, it can obstruct proper Qi flow.

Postpartum in the West


In the U.S., it’s all about prenatal care. During pregnancy, your Obgyn or Midwife regularly checks up on you to make sure that you are drinking enough fluids, getting plenty of nutrition, enough rest, and encourage you to do all that you can do to relax and enjoy this beautiful transition in your life.

Ailments Triggered by Pregnancy and Delivery

Postpartum Thyroiditis

Postpartum thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland that arises within the first year after childbirth and affects approximately 7% of women. There are numerous symptoms that appear during both the hyperthyroid and hypothyroid phases of postpartum thyroiditis, including fatigue, goiter, mood swings, hair loss, depression, and substantially decreased milk volume in women nursing.


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