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All About Warm Foods

During the 30 days post-delivery you want to ensure that you consume only warm, nourishing foods to replenish and restore your body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is essential to eliminate the wind in your body post-delivery, promote blood circulation to get rid of stale blood, strengthen your joints, and promote adequate milk production. After giving birth, your body is very yin. Warm foods have the effect of raising your yang energy and dispelling cold.



Megan Fox's Body is Too Fragile To Workout - Did she practice sitting the month for 30 days?



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Megan Fox recently told US Weekly "I can't work out yet because my body is still too fragile." This statement is rarely heard of from Hollywood celebrities as many celebrities are so committed to working out 2 weeks post childbirth, trying to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Exercising within the first month postpartum in the Asian culture is frowned upon and is considered extremely damaging to your fragile and weak postpartum body. Most new moms in Asia practice sitting the month during the 30 days postpartum to adequately nourish their bodies with warm and nutrient dense food, keep warm, rest as much as possible, and feed their babies. By exercising so soon, you are making your body more weak and deficient, and may trigger a number of post childbirth ailments, including excessive fatigue, premature aging, thyroid imbalances, and postpartum depression because you are overworking your body that has not healed properly.

Gaining 23 pounds during her pregnancy, Megan is currently still 10 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight but is in no rush to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Did she embrace the traditional Asian practice of confinement during her postpartum period? She certainly echoes the Asian belief that the body post childbirth is extremely fragile and weak and it's important to rest as much as possible whether you are 20 days post childbirth or even 3 to 6 months post childbirth.

After Megan publicly disclosed to US Weekly that her body is still too fragile to workout, many moms commented on how she was lying because there was no way her body could bounce back like that so soon. Some even stated that a woman's body isn't so fragile after delivery and you could safely resume exercise after delivery unless you had complications or a c-section.

If you gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy that is not excessive, your body will eventually resume back to your normal, pre-pregnancy weight after you eat sensibly and take care of your body just as you did pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. Whether you delivered vaginally or via c-section, your body is still absolutely fragile after delivery. Megan stating her body is fragile post childbirth is correct and hopefully other Hollywood moms and moms everywhere will place post childbirth wellness care on their priority list.

Working out should be your least priority during this precious time. Instead, focus on resting at home for at least 30 days, consuming warm and nourishing food, and taking care of your baby. Once you feel that your body has healed fully and you feel strong, which could be anywhere between 6 weeks to even 6 months post childbirth, depending on your unique situation, you can exercise in moderation for your overall health and well-being. Remember your body is fragile after childbirth and it is essential to heal and nurture your body during this essential time.

Ask for Help

Ask for help. A lot of first time moms have the “I want to do it all” mentality where it is their first experience and they truly want to treasure every moment with their newborn and don’t want others to interfere with their experience. This inevitably sets you up for problems in the near future because realistically your body just cannot handle it all. You have your lifetime to spend with your baby and this is probably one of the most critical times in your life when you really need to rest and recuperate.

Walk After 30 Days

Light, moderate walking can commence after the confinement period ends. This will help stimulate Qi flow and circulation throughout your body and it will also boost your energy levels simultaneously. However, avoid excessive exercise because you want to boost your energy levels and endorphins and not exhaust yourself any further. 

Stay Warm

Especially if you give birth during the early spring, fall, or winter, you should try to remain as warm as possible. For moms that give birth during the summer, you are fortunate because it is easier to stay warm during this time since the climate is in favor of your postpartum body.


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