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About Nouvelle Mama 

Nouvelle Mama.com is owned by Nouvelle Mama Inc., a California corporation with its principal office located in Cupertino, California. Nouvelle Mama Inc. is a preeminent company that is committed to providing the most up to date health information regarding post childbirth health and wellness. 

Shirley Sheene Day

Shirley Sheene Day is the President and Founder of Nouvelle Mama Inc. Shirley is an Attorney professionally and in her free time devotes herself to her 21 month old daughter, Juliana and her husband Davy. During pregnancy, she scoured the books at Barnes and Nobles and at her local library, and noticed the mounds of resourceful pregnancy books.  She realized there was absolutely no book dedicated to postpartum care and wellness. The pregnancy books covered postpartum in only one chapter, and lacked the thoroughness and care that the other chapters embodied.  Shirley wants to bring back the focus on the mother and emphasize that postpartum is just as critical as the 9 months you were pregnant. With her Korean ethnic heritage and being married to her husband of Taiwanese descent, she was constantly reminded by her mother and mother-in-law about the importance of taking care of yourself during the first month after you give birth, and wanted to share the key to postpartum wellness with everyone. 

Nouvelle Mama is dedicated to assisting women post childbirth with healthy recovery during the postpartum period by incorporating the 30 day postpartum practice into the west, a tradition passed down over 2,000 years in Asia and rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles.  Nouvelle Mama is committed to bridging the gap between western and eastern cultures by incorporating this beneficial practice after childbirth into the western lifestyle. Nouvelle Mama seeks to revolutionize postpartum wellness and care in the U.S. At Nouvelle Mama, our focus is on the new mom’s health and body during the precious postpartum recovery period. She should be treated like a Queen after childbirth, just as moms in Asia have delighted in for thousand years. We provide essential information to postpartum women about how to properly care for themselves by resting for 30 days, keeping warm, and consuming warm and nourishing food and herbs that will help replenish blood lost during delivery. This will help prevent common postpartum ailments including insufficient lactation, postpartum depression, thyroid imbalances, joint problems, and migraines. 




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