All About Warm Foods

During the 30 days post-delivery you want to ensure that you consume only warm, nourishing foods to replenish and restore your body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is essential to eliminate the wind in your body post-delivery, promote blood circulation to get rid of stale blood, strengthen your joints, and promote adequate milk production. After giving birth, your body is very yin. Warm foods have the effect of raising your yang energy and dispelling cold.

Since your body is yang deficient during the postpartum period, you need to avoid food that is cold and raw because it has the effect of cooling your uterus, inhibiting blood circulation, and preventing it from shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy size. Cold foods are strictly taboo even if your baby is born in the summer. A cold diet after childbirth will harm your spleen and stomach, which is especially weak during this time, delaying your recovery. Cold foods also prevent the proper discharge of toxic fluids from your body, leading to more prolonged bleeding.


Avoid consuming food straight out of the refrigerator such as eating watermelon out of the fridge, drinking cold orange juice, or drinking cold milk. This means you should avoid raw salads and raw fruit. You can consume ample vegetables and fruit but the vegetables need to be steamed, boiled, or stir-fried, while the fruit should be stewed. Warm and nourishing food is a lot easier for your body to digest and requires a lot less effort on your digestive system. Consuming raw salads and raw fruit may lead to digestive complaints during this period, like bloating, gas, and loose stools. It is beneficial to consume warm, nutrient laden, and protein rich food to stay hydrated and strong, and also help promote breast milk production. The regular intake of warm and nourishing food will help shield your body from developing common postpartum problems including back aches, joint problems, rheumatism, migraine headaches, and premature aging.  


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